Name: Achikanain
Medium: Woodcut and collage on burlap
Size: 71 x 70 cm

Achikanain” means “footprint” or “trace” in Wayuunaiki, the language of the indigenous Wayúu people who inhabit the northern tip of South America. Our woodcut prints a trace representative of a diverse landscape, much like the Latinamerican lands which shelter 60% of the planet’s biodiversity. In these works the materials speak of the interdependent relationship between nature and society: burlap, a plant fiber material used by farmers, represents the basic and essential. The metallic colors represent the mineral richness of the earth: the elements transformed by the indigenous goldsmiths of these territories. Xylography integrates these two materials through impact, creating a unique imprint in each work and leaving a trace on the essence of the earth, just like people do when they inhabit a landscape. Since time immemorial, indigenous peoples have known how to leave a respectful trace.